Golf (s1)

Golf (s1)


Golf (s1) ep: 01
Darrell breaks down chipping, pitching, sand play & putting
Golf (s1) ep: 02
Learn how to 'putt for dough' with Darrell Kestner
Golf (s1) ep: 03
Darrell Kestner gives you basics for hitting the big club
Golf (s1) ep: 04
Renowned instructor Darrell Kestner breaks down the key aspects of the golf swing.
Golf (s1) ep: 05
Darrell Kestner helps fix your problems on the tee box
Golf (s1) ep: 07
Mark Verstegen helps you increase your golf strength emphasizing power & clubhead speed.
Golf (s1) ep: 08
Consistent play equals lower scores. Mark Verstegen gets you ready for a 36 hole day.
Golf (s1) ep: 09
Hale Irwin sits down to talk golf, winning majors, and what it takes to compete.
Golf (s1) ep: 10
Stay on par with pro turned instructor Darrell Kestner.