The Haunted Hathaways (s1)

The Haunted Hathaways (s1)


The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 01
Michelle Hathaway and her two daughters, Taylor and Frankie, move to New Orleans and discover that their new house is already occupied by a dad and his sons… who happen to be ghosts.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 02
As the newest member of the gymnastics team, Taylor is responsible for hosting a team sleepover.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 03
Taylor finds herself in a pickle when Michelle forbids the use of ghost shortcuts right after Taylor tells her teammates that (secretly with Miles' help) she can win the cash prize at the science fair and get them new uniforms.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 04
Frankie is not the best player on her school volleyball team, so Ray gives Frankie a one-time "boost," but when Frankie is left to rely on Louie's erratic abilities, she must find the inner confidence to step up on her own.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 05
An argument between Ray and Michelle leads them to switch roles and attempt to parent the other person's children. Lo and behold, Michelle is unable to wrangle the boys and Ray is thrown by the intricacies of girl social antics.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 06
The first Hathaway/Preston Yard Sale is smooth sailing until Louie fumbles his attempt to possess a stuffed animal, landing himself in Taylor’s favorite nurse doll. The kids must all work together to get him back home safely.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 07
It’s Taylor’s birthday and Miles is excited about getting his “new” sister a special gift- a ghost dog. When the dog turns out to be a less than the perfect pet, Miles tries to cover it up and gets caught.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 08
When Michelle leaves Miles to babysit an ever-scheming Louie and Frankie duo, they think they've pulled the ultimate prank, but Miles and Michelle get the last laugh.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 09
When a rival bakery moves in across the street and sneakily steals Michelle's secret recipe book on the kids' watch, they must all band together to get Michelle's recipes back and force the other business to leave.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 10
Frankie can’t wait for “Crazy Cakes Day” with big sister Taylor. Unfortunately, Taylor has other plans, so a slighted Frankie concocts a scheme, involving a popular teen heartthrob, that just might make Taylor suddenly free.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 11
Frankie fakes an injury to stay out of a play that Michelle is directing for school. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when Louie takes her place and does so well that she is jealous and must fight to get her spot back.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 12
Frankie gets an interview for an exclusive private school because of her strong essay about Louie, but when Louie reads it he wreaks ghostly havoc, nearly ruining Frankie's opportunity to be accepted. Guest Star: Paula Marshall
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 13
Louie and Frankie are the ultimate pair of pranksters, but when one of their pranks goes too far Michelle and Ray separate the duo until they realize that the two are much better together.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 14
Upon mistakenly discovering that Michelle is dating their school principal, Taylor and Frankie set out to ruin Michelle’s big “date” with him that includes Miles breaking his current anti-scaring vow.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 15
Frankie and Miles accidentally break Michelle's brand new cookie jar, and they jump through hoops in order to get the perfect replacement before she finds out.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 16
When Ray and Miles agree to help Taylor with her first Halloween party in the Hathaway/Preston house by doing parlor tricks, Louie defiantly turns to a powerful ghost to help really haunt the party (and things go awry).
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 17
Before their annual camping trip, Ray and Louie accidentally switch bodies. An inexperienced Louie has to lead the trip while Ray tries to outsmart the ghost world’s toughest babysitter in order to switch them back to normal.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 18
The Great Frankini accidentally hypnotizes Miles to become a bad ghost instead of her intended target, Louie. Frankie must find a way to break the spell before Miles destroys Taylor’s school talent show performance.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 19
Ray’s dad, Duke, a very “old school ghost,” comes into town to visit his boys and Ray has trouble breaking the news that the Preston men are happily living with a non-ghost family of girls.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 20
Frankie puts her friendship with Louie to the test when she dumps Louie and goes to Miles for help on a school project in order to beat the project of her arch-nemesis.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 21
When his ghost school is having a parent career day, Louie makes up a story that Ray is a secret agent because he is embarrassed that his dad is no longer the scarer he once was.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 22
Miles’ friend James worries his family will move because their business is haunted, so Miles and Taylor help to show them it is ghost-free so they can stay.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 23
Louie hosts a meeting for a boys’ ghost club that carries out group scares and pranks. Frankie pretends to be a ghost boy to join the fun, but when they want her to become a member, Louie is worried their cover will be blown.
The Haunted Hathaways (s1): ep 24
Taylor reluctantly turns to Louie for help when she is writing a report on Vikings, but instead of bringing famed Leif Ericsson, Louie mistakenly invites a ghost Viking who wreaks havoc and is difficult to contain. Guest Star: Charlie O’Connell