PopPixie (s1)

PopPixie (s1)


PopPixie (s1): ep 01
A carnivorous plant attacks Pixieville.
PopPixie (s1): ep 02
Amore accidentally transforms herself into a fish.
PopPixie (s1): ep 03
A new Pixie named Cherie arrives in town.
PopPixie (s1): ep 04
Lockette poses as a famous confectioner.
PopPixie (s1): ep 05
Chatta pulls out all the stops to land a big scoop.
PopPixie (s1): ep 06
Caramel uses her magic to create an ice-cream tree.
PopPixie (s1): ep 07
Maxine the elf switches bodies with Lockette.
PopPixie (s1): ep 08
Chatta is thrilled to be interviewing her music idol.
PopPixie (s1): ep 09
Fixit invents a robot for Chatta.
PopPixie (s1): ep 10
Chatta and Amore win a free stay at the Pixie Plaza.
PopPixie (s1): ep 11
Amore and Lockette take part in a survival course.
PopPixie (s1): ep 12
Chatta adopts a monkey to impress Justin Nimble.
PopPixie (s1): ep 13
Plasto decides it's time for him to get a job.
PopPixie (s1): ep 14
Otis attempts to create a love potion.
PopPixie (s1): ep 15
Fixit realises his toy prototype is dangerous.
PopPixie (s1): ep 16
A powerful virus takes out the city's technomagic stations.
PopPixie (s1): ep 17
A spiteful elf attempts to spoil Talents Day.
PopPixie (s1): ep 18
Chatta investigates why the gnomes are misbehaving.
PopPixie (s1): ep 19
Amore tries to get Lenny and Yucca back together.
PopPixie (s1): ep 20
Caramel tries to help Tune get over a bad cough.
PopPixie (s1): ep 21
The schoolbus gets lost in Pixieville's forest.
PopPixie (s1): ep 22
Pixieville falls victim to a gang of thieves.
PopPixie (s1): ep 23
Guzman is unexpectedly fired from the Pixie Plaza.
PopPixie (s1): ep 24
Pam's beauty centre is forced to close down.
PopPixie (s1): ep 25
Disaster strikes when Caramel loses her memory.
PopPixie (s1): ep 26
The elves send two giant spiders to invade Pixieville.
PopPixie (s1): ep 27
All the gnomes mysteriously disappear
PopPixie (s1): ep 28
Arsenio's new girlfriend is actually Maxine in disguise.
PopPixie (s1): ep 29
Lockette's cousin Giga adopts a chameleon.
PopPixie (s1): ep 30
Lockette competes in the Pixieville Grand Prix.
PopPixie (s1): ep 31
Floxi unleashes a monstrous crystal creature.
PopPixie (s1): ep 32
Jolly invites a flock of singing birds to Pixieville.
PopPixie (s1): ep 33
Amore, Otis and Wiki travel to the Dragons' Barren Land.
PopPixie (s1): ep 34
Chatta attracts the affections of a very persistent elf.
PopPixie (s1): ep 35
The elves turn all the gnomes into stone.
PopPixie (s1): ep 36
Rex and his gang hatch a plan to rob Pixieville's bank.
PopPixie (s1): ep 37
Sinia hatches a plan to steal the Pixies' MagicPops.
PopPixie (s1): ep 38
The elves sabotage Pixieville's power station.
PopPixie (s1): ep 39
The Wish Mirror falls into the elves' hands.
PopPixie (s1): ep 40
Rex casts a powerful spell that miniaturises the Pixies.
PopPixie (s1): ep 41
Chatta awakens the Chatty Monster.
PopPixie (s1): ep 42
The queen of snails puts a curse on Pam, Lockette and Chatta.
PopPixie (s1): ep 43
Bugsy the ladybird casts a curse on all of Pixieville.
PopPixie (s1): ep 44
A magic pollen drives the Pixies crazy.
PopPixie (s1): ep 45
Caramel and her friends become sugar-hungry monsters.
PopPixie (s1): ep 46
Cherie and Lockette switch places for the day.
PopPixie (s1): ep 47
Martino and Caramel decide to go their separate ways.
PopPixie (s1): ep 48
The Pixies discover the underwater world of the mermaids.
PopPixie (s1): ep 49
The elves plot to steal the treasure at the end of the rainbow.
PopPixie (s1): ep 50
The elves turn the Pixies into sea creatures.
PopPixie (s1): ep 51
Rex summons some wild creatures to invade Pixieville.
PopPixie (s1): ep 52
Rex and his gang threaten to destroy the Tree Of Life.