Power (s4)

Power (s4)


Power (s4): ep 01
Jailed for the murder of an FBI agent, James St. Patrick (Ghost) faces danger on all sides as the Feds build a case against him.
Power (s4): ep 02
Ghost gets harassed in prison. Angela's role in his prosecution is debated. While Dre gets more responsibility at Truth.
Power (s4): ep 03
Tommy diverts attention away from his drug trade. Ghost butts heads with his defense. Teresi blackmails Ghost, and Bailey resurfaces.
Power (s4): ep 04
The defense tries to save Ghost's image in court. Angela comes face-to-face with Tasha. Tariq runs with Kanan and crew.
Power (s4): ep 05
Proctor is disqualified. Ghost gets offered help, and Tommy comes clean with LaKeisha. Teresi tries to eliminate Ghost.
Power (s4): ep 06
Out of jail, Ghost gets entangled in a new venture. Tasha and LaKeisha plan to reopen the shop. Tommy meets with suppliers.
Power (s4): ep 07
Ghost's new venture thrusts the family into the public eye. The defunct prosecution team plans to find Greg's real killer.
Power (s4): ep 08
Ghost works with Tommy to clean up the gang-infested business locale. Mike tries to pin Greg's murder on someone else.
Power (s4): ep 09
On the bad end of his new business deal, Ghost plays dirty. Dre makes moves against Tommy's organization.
Power (s4): ep 10
As tragedy hits the St. Patrick family, Ghost and Tommy seek retribution. And an old friend returns…