Power (s2)

Power (s2)


Power (s2): ep 01
Tommy goes missing, while Ghost picks up the pieces at Club Truth.
Power (s2): ep 02
Tommy agrees to help Ghost expand the drug business, but wants something in return.
Power (s2): ep 03
Ghost takes Angela to Miami. Back in New York, Tommy and Kanan become close.
Power (s2): ep 04
Ghost fights to keep control as his life begins to spiral out of control.
Power (s2): ep 05
Ghost and Tommy attempt to sell all of their product in time to pay off Lobos.
Power (s2): ep 06
Angela looks for solid proof that Ghost and Jamie are the same man.
Power (s2): ep 07
On edge about Holly, Tommy's paranoia puts the drug business in danger.
Power (s2): ep 08
Danger closes in on Ghost and Tommy, and Angela goes after Lobos.
Power (s2): ep 09
Angela pushes Tommy to inform on Lobos or spend the rest of his life in jail.
Power (s2): ep 10
Under threat from Angela and Kanan, could this be the end for Ghost and Tommy?