Power (s3)

Power (s3)


Power (s3): ep 01
Out of the drug game and with new nightclubs, James is ready to leave 'Ghost' behind. There's just one problem.
Power (s3): ep 02
Ghost scrambles to tie up the most lethal of loose ends while also dealing with new nightlife competition.
Power (s3): ep 03
Ghost is presented with a business opportunity that could take the clubs to the next level.
Power (s3): ep 04
Faced with a new opportunity, Ghost is spread even thinner between work, home, and his loyalty to Tommy.
Power (s3): ep 05
While Tommy searches for answers as to who made the attempt on his life, Greg leans on Ruiz to give up the true 'Ghost' to the Feds.
Power (s3): ep 06
Tommy and Ghost reunite to take out their most dangerous foe as an unanticipated new threat surfaces.
Power (s3): ep 07
Angela reels after her breakup with Ghost, but must face some difficult questions at work.
Power (s3): ep 08
The pressure on Mike and Angela ratchets up as the hunt for the mole intensifies.
Power (s3): ep 09
Angela takes further action to find the mole, while Ghost makes a bold move to regain the club deal.
Power (s3): ep 10
Ghost tries to retrieve evidence that could compromise him and Tommy, and he throws a party to land the club deal with the Bassets.