Coaches and Parents (s1)

Coaches and Parents (s1)


Coaching (s1) ep: 01
Tony Gonzalez of the NFL shares his thoughts and knowledge about sports.
Coaching (s1) ep: 02
NFL player Willie McGinest talks about practicing, losing and specialized training.
Coaching (s1) ep: 03
Pat Fitzgerald, head football coach at Northwestern, discusses his coaching philosophy.
Coaching (s1) ep: 04
Tips to help kids take on technical mastery without losing their love of the game.
Coaching (s1) ep: 05
Tips for parents and coaches to help young athletes deal with the highs and lows of Game Day and have fun regardless of the outcome of the game. Pro-athletes offer insight.
Coaching (s1) ep: 06
Every child is unique and responds differently to different aspects of athletics.
Coaching (s1) ep: 07
All-Star player and world champion manager Joe Torre offers his insights on coaching, motivation and life lessons learned through baseball.
Coaching (s1) ep: 08
Mistakes. Everyone makes them. Teach your players to learn from mistakes and move on.
Coaching (s1) ep: 09
Help your players mine the countless lessons that can be learned from youth sports.
Coaching (s1) ep: 10
Tips for both parties on how to get along for the good of the child.
Coaching (s1) ep: 11
Strategies to help parents and coaches run a great practice.
Coaching (s1) ep: 12
Tips on how to instill young athletes with the proper respect for officials.
Coaching (s1) ep: 13
Find out why playing a variety of sports can actually help athletic development.
Coaching (s1) ep: 14
Tips to help young athletes learn valuable life lessons from both winning and losing.