The Slap (s1)

The Slap (s1)


The Slap (s1): ep 01
Hector's birthday BBQ comes to an abrupt end when a guest slaps someone else's child.
The Slap (s1): ep 02
In the weeks following Hector's birthday, Anouk faces a big decision about her future.
The Slap (s1): ep 03
Harry begins to fear for his family's reputation when the police get involved.
The Slap (s1): ep 04
Hector reacts badly when Connie decides to confront him.
The Slap (s1): ep 05
The friends all gather as Rosie prepares to have her day in court.
The Slap (s1): ep 06
Hector's father Manolis resolves to try and set things right.
The Slap (s1): ep 07
Hector and Aisha take a holiday in an attempt to salvage their marriage.
The Slap (s1): ep 08
Secrets, lies and betrayals emerge, bringing things to a head between the friends.