Nellyville (s1)

Nellyville (s1)


Nellyville (s1): ep 01
Nelly's new girlfriend tries to connect with his family.
Nellyville (s1): ep 02
Lil Shawn and Nelly attend the BET Hip Hop Awards.
Nellyville (s1): ep 03
Stink and Lil Shawn visit Nana at college.
Nellyville (s1): ep 04
A double booking forces Nelly into a tough decision.
Nellyville (s1): ep 05
The family visit Nelly on the set of The Real Husbands Of Hollywood.
Nellyville (s1): ep 06
Nelly performs on a private island in the Bahama's.
Nellyville (s1): ep 07
The first graduation of Nelly's music school approaches.
Nellyville (s1): ep 08
Nelly takes his driving test with stink.
Nellyville (s1): ep 09
The family take a look back at highlights from the show so far.
Nellyville (s1): ep 10
Nelly and the family take an unexpected skiing trip.
Nellyville (s1): ep 11
Lil Shawn's group book a show in St. Louis.
Nellyville (s1): ep 12
Stink attends fashion week in New York City.
Nellyville (s1): ep 13
Tre takes an interest in sports-casting and broadcasting.
Nellyville (s1): ep 14
Nelly has his hands full with both Tre and Nana's birthdays.
Nellyville (s1): ep 15
Nelly finds himself in trouble with the law while out on the road.
Nellyville (s1): ep 16
Nana consider nose surgery, as Nelly comes clean about his arrest.
Nellyville (s1): ep 17
Miss Jackson joins Nelly on tour after suffering a terrible loss.
Nellyville (s1): ep 18
Nelly rehearses for a major show in Las Vegas.
Nellyville (s1): ep 19
Shawn and Shad book a gig after recording in Los Angeles.
Nellyville (s1): ep 20
Nana gets the chance to record with a famous producer.
Nellyville (s1): ep 21
Following Stink's graduation, Nelly performs in St. Louis.