Manhattan (s1)

Manhattan (s1)


Manhattan (s1): ep 01
Scientist Frank Winter is hired to lead the Manhattan Project.
Manhattan (s1): ep 02
Frank's attempts to save his team lead to serious consequences.
Manhattan (s1): ep 03
Los Alamos is left reeling after losing a member of the community.
Manhattan (s1): ep 04
The arrival of a high-profile guest shakes things up in Los Alamos.
Manhattan (s1): ep 05
Frank's efforts to protect Babbit bring him into conflict with Charlie.
Manhattan (s1): ep 06
Charlie and Helen travel to Tennessee to survey a plutonium factory.
Manhattan (s1): ep 07
Helen and Charlie race to prevent the reactor melting down.
Manhattan (s1): ep 08
Charlie and Theodore make a disturbing discovery.
Manhattan (s1): ep 09
Charlie and Frank are forced to work together for the good of the project.
Manhattan (s1): ep 10
An unexpected visitor arrives on The Hill.
Manhattan (s1): ep 11
A development overseas re-invigorates the hunt for the spy.
Manhattan (s1): ep 12
Akley attempts to fix the Thin Man's shortcomings.
Manhattan (s1): ep 13
Frank is offered a potentially life-changing opportunity.