Larva (s1)

Larva (s1)


Larva (s1): ep 01
An ice cream is thrown; A Mosquito enters the sewer; A bottle cap on Yellow makes him tapdance.
Larva (s1): ep 02
The race of the three slowpokes; Yellow is snoring; A popcorn; A beautiful goldfish in a plastic bag.
Larva (s1): ep 03
Bubble wrap catches their eyes; Red turns into a cocoon; Red is having a nightmare; Red is trapped in a pudding.
Larva (s1): ep 04
Larva relax in a puddle; Larva play hide and seek; Yellow blows a bubble; Some liquid falls onto Yellow's head.
Larva (s1): ep 05
A frog appears; A strong wind blows; Red has a toothache; Larva toss a coin; Red and Yellow eat food on the ground.
Larva (s1): ep 06
Red and Yellow get stomach aches; A coffin shaped box stands up and the lid opens; The bee hive.
Larva (s1): ep 07
Larva are covered in cement; Navi from Avatar; Earphones fall into the drain; Yellow catches a cold.
Larva (s1): ep 08
Yellow finds a glove; Brown loves dung; Red and Yellow can't see; Red eating a pizza; A blond wig falls.
Larva (s1): ep 09
Violet is falling in love; Super glue; How dangerous a swing can be; Yellow starts growing a plant; Bee is making honey.
Larva (s1): ep 10
Green liquid; Fruits, beverages, and his loving sausage; A soft chick is born; A problem of farting; Rainbow is a snail.
Larva (s1): ep 11
Everybody wants the sausage!; Yellow's nose hair; The Mantis; A strong wind; Red fruit looks delicious.
Larva (s1): ep 12
Larva in Avatar; A remote control toy; Pink is sick; Pink changes into a cocoon; Who will be the winner of Jelly?; Dangerous power lines.
Larva (s1): ep 13
A fire in the drain; Fish with scary teeth; A tantalizing cherry; Yellow wants to fly; Octopus has eight legs; Red and Yellow turn into cocoons.