Larva (s3)

Larva (s3)


Larva (s3): ep 01
Starvation; Larva find a lit-up match; A severe blizzard; A typhoon; It's a very hot day; Come and get your lemon, boys!; Chew, chew, chew...
Larva (s3): ep 02
Red and Yellow's magnificent Ice Show; Raining cats and dogs; Dribbling skills; Yellow is so ticklish; A spicy jalapeno; A mouse appears as an outlaw.
Larva (s3): ep 03
Out to the flowerbeds; Yellow finds a magnet; Our new friend, a stick insect; Escape from Mouse’s stomach; Red's face is swollen.
Larva (s3): ep 04
A cookie wrapper; A heavenly ham store; Twin pigeons; A storm leaves the city under water; A tiny baby mite; Bees; Pink is adored by young girls.
Larva (s3): ep 05
Yellow unwittingly saves Black; Larva’s greatest swordsman; The larvae take shelter; Larva play blindfolded tag; I want the noodle!; Larva cuddle up.
Larva (s3): ep 06
Tower stack; A new friend shows up; The matchbox bench!; A dance battle; Yellow picks his nose; Don't steal his sausage!; It has finally been solved.
Larva (s3): ep 07
A straw; Yellow is terrified of fireworks; Dark clouds over NYC; Private moments of Red and Yellow; Larva slips on ketchup; Compete against each other
Larva (s3): ep 08
Building a snowman; Everyone is afraid of Rat; Stick insect; A mysterious ring; Chased by Rat; Glued together; Rat is threatening Larva.
Larva (s3): ep 09
Larva-bot; Larva are challenged again; Larva-bot struggles; Giant Larva-bot is ready to attack; The very last battle; Yellow out on the ocean.
Larva (s3): ep 10
A frightful hand; Tied tightly; Red is captured again; Hide inside a glove; Yellow is having a bad day; On an open sea; Running from a mosquito.
Larva (s3): ep 11
A nervous date; Stick Insect is being ignored; Yellow hides his sausage; Red finds inner peace; Raining cats and dogs; Yellow is fooling around.
Larva (s3): ep 12
Yellow attempts to save Red; Larva take shelter; Eating Rat's cheese; Being chased by Rat as usual; Dozing off; Yellow accidentally bumps his head.
Larva (s3): ep 13
Pink is trapped; Brown's treasure; Ancient Greece; A bobsleigh race; Santa's reindeers; Friends gather around as old bugs; Yellow folds a paper plane.