Larva (s2)

Larva (s2)


Larva (s2): ep 01
Larva find a house; Yellow can blow bubbles; Red is a robot head; Brown has tracked down Larva; Trapped in the freezer; Yellow swallows a Toy.
Larva (s2): ep 02
The pursuit of food; Caring for a tomato; Red & Yellow find some make-up; Red won't share; Dandelion pollen; A magical singing vase.
Larva (s2): ep 03
Bitten by a spider; Temperamental; Red is rejected again; Yellow trains his tongue; Brown dances in his own style; DIY arms & legs.
Larva (s2): ep 04
Violet's back; Yellow love handles; Revenge on Prism; Red & Yellow melt; Red's nightmare; The bathroom; Yellow swallows a chick; Yellow finds cookies.
Larva (s2): ep 05
Red finally finds love; But love leads to heartbreak; It's all fun in the snow; Brown-oki; This is how the bromance started; Loss of his sausage.
Larva (s2): ep 06
Red suffers from amnesia; Eating beans; Yellow learns how to control Maroon; Why is Brown so afraid of water?; Frog shows up; Essence of flowers.
Larva (s2): ep 07
The gang tries some berries that don’t go down so well; Red & Yellow wake up to find a wrecking ball; Yellow helps Red to escape; Red takes control of a flying fish to escape the seagulls.