Winx Club (s1)

Winx Club (s1)


Winx Club (s1): ep 01
Bloom thinks she is just an ordinary girl, until she discovers she has magical powers.
Winx Club (s1): ep 02
After arriving at Alfea, Bloom takes a trip to Magix City with her new roommates.
Winx Club (s1): ep 03
Bloom and her friends are preparing to kick off the school year with a special ball.
Winx Club (s1): ep 04
The girls must help catch an escaped troll during a field trip to Black-Mud Swamp.
Winx Club (s1): ep 05
Stella starts acting strangely after going on a date with Prince Sky.
Winx Club (s1): ep 06
The Winx girls hatch a plan to infiltrate Cloud Tower and retrieve Stella's ring.
Winx Club (s1): ep 07
The girls are stripped of their powers as punishment for sneaking into Cloud Tower.
Winx Club (s1): ep 08
Bloom and Riven fall into a Trix trap designed to divide the Specialists and the Winx.
Winx Club (s1): ep 09
The possessor of the Dragon's Flame is revealed as the Trix launch another attack.
Winx Club (s1): ep 10
The Trix hatch a plan to steal Bloom's Dragon Fire and destroy the Winx.
Winx Club (s1): ep 11
Flora turns to the Water Nymphs for help finding a special plant.
Winx Club (s1): ep 12
Stella is confident she's got what it takes to win the annual Miss Magix beauty pageant.
Winx Club (s1): ep 13
Bloom returns to Earth and discovers the shocking truth about her past.
Winx Club (s1): ep 14
Bloom goes to Cloud Tower to learn more about her mysterious past.
Winx Club (s1): ep 15
Bloom faces a dilemma after finding the answers to an upcoming test.
Winx Club (s1): ep 16
The Trix send their nightmare monster to terrorise the girls' dreams.
Winx Club (s1): ep 17
Bloom is shocked to learn the unexpected truth about Brandon and Prince Sky.
Winx Club (s1): ep 18
The Trix take the opportunity to launch another attack after Bloom returns to Earth.
Winx Club (s1): ep 19
The Trix seize control of Cloud Tower and summon the unstoppable Army of Decay.
Winx Club (s1): ep 20
The Winx girls travel to Bloom's home planet in search of the Dragon's Flame.
Winx Club (s1): ep 21
The Winx girls come under attack while exploring Bloom's home planet.
Winx Club (s1): ep 22
The Winx go to Cloud Tower in an attempt to reclaim the Dragon's Flame.
Winx Club (s1): ep 23
The gang splits up to continue their search for the Dragon's Flame.
Winx Club (s1): ep 24
Bloom and Sky continue their journey towards Magix City.
Winx Club (s1): ep 25
The Trix rally their forces for the final battle against Alfea.
Winx Club (s1): ep 26
Bloom and the other Winx prepare for the ultimate showdown against the Trix.