Winx Club (s2)

Winx Club (s2)


Winx Club (s2): ep 01
Bloom and her friends celebrate the beginning of their second year at Alfea.
Winx Club (s2): ep 02
Aisha requests the help of Winx Club to rescue her kidnapped pixie friends.
Winx Club (s2): ep 03
The Winx girls fight to rescue the kidnapped pixies from the Under Realm.
Winx Club (s2): ep 04
Brandon is forced into an arranged marriage with Princess Amentia.
Winx Club (s2): ep 05
Bloom, Stella and Sky are forced into battle with their old enemies the Trix.
Winx Club (s2): ep 06
Bloom and the others must prevent Brandon marrying Princess Amentia.
Winx Club (s2): ep 07
The Winx Club go on a dangerous mission to destroy a mysterious monolith.
Winx Club (s2): ep 08
The Trix unleash a monster at the Red Fountain opening ceremony.
Winx Club (s2): ep 09
Techna and Digit become suspicious of Professor Avalon's strange behaviour.
Winx Club (s2): ep 10
The Trix attack Red Fountain in an attempt to retrieve a piece of the Codex.
Winx Club (s2): ep 11
Lord Darkar casts a spell in an attempt to find the location of Pixie Village.
Winx Club (s2): ep 12
The girls must use their convergence skills to take on a giant monster.
Winx Club (s2): ep 13
The girls take a trip to Earth, where they get into trouble with a local gang.
Winx Club (s2): ep 14
Sky turns to the Winx for help rescuing the kidnapped Princess Diaspro.
Winx Club (s2): ep 15
Musa's father threatens to pull her out of Alfea.
Winx Club (s2): ep 16
The girls attend a Halloween party in a supposedly haunted house.
Winx Club (s2): ep 17
The Trix launch an assault on Cloud Tower.
Winx Club (s2): ep 18
The Winx Club must use their convergence powers to take down the Trix.
Winx Club (s2): ep 19
A mysterious dark energy takes control of Bloom.
Winx Club (s2): ep 20
The Winx and the Specialists go on a team-building vacation to the Wildlands.
Winx Club (s2): ep 21
Lord Darkar sends the Trix to capture Bloom.
Winx Club (s2): ep 22
The Winx and the Specialists must work together in the fight of their lives.
Winx Club (s2): ep 23
Flora, Aisha and the Specialists attempt to cure the pixies.
Winx Club (s2): ep 24
The Winx, the Pixies, and the Specialists must rescue Bloom before it's too late.
Winx Club (s2): ep 25
The Winx and Specialists proceed towards Lord Darkar's fortress.
Winx Club (s2): ep 26
The girls fight to free Bloom for Lord Darkar's evil spell.