Winx Club (s3)

Winx Club (s3)


Winx Club (s3): ep 01
Stella's father sets about organising a princess ball for his beloved daughter.
Winx Club (s3): ep 02
Stella is stunned when her father announces his engagement to Countess Cassandra.
Winx Club (s3): ep 03
The Winx girls team up with the Specialists to help Stella escape from Solaria.
Winx Club (s3): ep 04
The Winx Club goes in search of the Mirror of Truth.
Winx Club (s3): ep 05
Bloom and the other girls must save Andros before it's too late.
Winx Club (s3): ep 06
Bloom and the gang travel to an underwater city populated by mermaids.
Winx Club (s3): ep 07
The Winx girls return to Alfea, where they are promptly punished for their excursion.
Winx Club (s3): ep 08
Valtor hatches a plan to destroy Bloom's relationship with Prince Sky.
Winx Club (s3): ep 09
Bloom returns to Eraklyon in an attempt to figure out Sky's erratic behaviour.
Winx Club (s3): ep 10
Valtor and the Trix seize control of Cloud Tower.
Winx Club (s3): ep 11
The Winx must save Miss Faragonda from Valtor's clutches.
Winx Club (s3): ep 12
The Winx must go to Flora's home planet of Lynphea.
Winx Club (s3): ep 13
The girls must find a way to close the portal between Andros and the Omega Dimension.
Winx Club (s3): ep 14
The Winx return to Cloud Tower to confront Valtor following Tecna's sacrifice.
Winx Club (s3): ep 15
Bloom faces her toughest battle yet on the dragon-inhabited island of Pyros.
Winx Club (s3): ep 16
The Winx set off on a mission to free Techna from the Omega Dimension.
Winx Club (s3): ep 17
Bloom and Sky head to the Omega Dimension to help their friends.
Winx Club (s3): ep 18
Valtor steals a powerful artefact from the Magix Museum.
Winx Club (s3): ep 19
The Winx return to Solaria to help Stella stop her father's wedding.
Winx Club (s3): ep 20
The Pixies must step up defend their village from the Trix.
Winx Club (s3): ep 21
The Winx Club travels to Red Tower on a mission retrieve the Water Stars.
Winx Club (s3): ep 22
Valtor sends the Trix to intercept the Winx at Red Tower.
Winx Club (s3): ep 23
Valtor challenges the school directors to a duel.
Winx Club (s3): ep 24
The Winx search for the three ancient witches who destroyed Domino.
Winx Club (s3): ep 25
Valtor unleashes the power of the four elements.
Winx Club (s3): ep 26
Valtor lures the Winx into a trap by taking the Specialists hostage.