Winx Club (s6)

Winx Club (s6)


Winx Club (s6): ep 01
The Beast of the Depths emerges from the Ocean and starts spreading terror on Domino. Without Daphne's magic, the fairy has lost her self-confidence and therefore her powers.
Winx Club (s6): ep 02
Daphne is now the new teacher of History of Magic and her presence instills confidence in the hearts of the fairies.
Winx Club (s6): ep 03
At Lynphea college, the Specialists dedicate all of themselves to the study of new weapons and invite the Winx over to follow their training.
Winx Club (s6): ep 04
Against the army of Treants, the Winx, who unfortunately have lost their powers, have to rely on the ability of the Specialists and the Paladins, among whom Thoren stands out, a young warrior who seems to have a weakness for Daphne.
Winx Club (s6): ep 05
The Winx thwart the threat of the flying Basilisks at Lynphea and then face the Pandemonium Sprites that are haunting the Golden Auditorium, the most prestigious college of music in the Magic Dimension.
Winx Club (s6): ep 06
Preparations for the celebration of Daphne, who will officially become Domino's crown Princess, are in full swing. Bloom is very happy for her sister and for the love story that is growing between Daphne and the Paladin Thoren.
Winx Club (s6): ep 07
Faragonda asks Daphne to investigate on the Legendarium, the book that turns legends into reality. In the attempt of locking it for good, the Winx go to Egypt, in the library of Alexandria, where the book was created.
Winx Club (s6): ep 08
Mummies, Sphinx: These are the dangers the Winx have to face in order to recover the Fairy Godmother's diary, to understand how to lock Legendarium.
Winx Club (s6): ep 09
With the help of Daphne and the Pixies, the Winx try to find the Fairy Godmother Eldora in order to lock the Legendarium for good. Nearby the Great Wall, the Winx escape an ambush by the Trix and face the Chinese Dragons, but there is no trace of Eldora.
Winx Club (s6): ep 10
The Trix plan of conquest is going great and the schools of magic fall one after the other under their control. Trying to identify the mysterious flower linked to the search of Eldora, the Winx explore the Alfea Green House.
Winx Club (s6): ep 11
Flora continues her search in the Alfea Green House to find out where that flower that belonged to the Fairy Godmother comes from. In the meantime, the witches ambush Bloom, who is alone and sad in Gardenia.
Winx Club (s6): ep 12
The Children of the Night have invaded Gardenia and during a Goth-style fashion show, they capture Bloom, Aisha, Flora, Musa and Tecna, and lock them into an old and mysterious adobe in order to absorb their vital energy.
Winx Club (s6): ep 13
In Gardenia, Bloom reveals the Winx a very important clue on Eldora's flower and, in order to carry on the search for the Fairy Godmother, she visits the Forest of Flowers, a place linked to her and her friend Selina's childhood.
Winx Club (s6): ep 14
Eldora tells the Winx that on Tir Na Nog there should be the magical items needed to enter the Legendarium World, although she has never found them so far.
Winx Club (s6): ep 15
The Winx go to Calavera Island, in the Caribbean Sea, in order to find the Emerald of Fantasy, the first item needed to forge the Legendarium Key.
Winx Club (s6): ep 16
In the Legendarium World, the fight against the zombie pirates and the Trix puts the Winx to a hard test, as defeating the zombies seems to be a very hard endeavour.
Winx Club (s6): ep 17
In order to forge the Legendarium Key, the Winx have to recover the Silver Spear, and so they go to Earth, to Fearwood, an isolated village in the Canadian forests where there is a very ancient Totem, linked to a terrible curse.
Winx Club (s6): ep 18
As Bloom, Musa, Aisha, Stella and Tecna are attacked by the Fearwood people, turned into werewolves, in the Legendarium World, Flora faces Icy, who turned into the Snow Queen and froze Helia with a powerful spell.
Winx Club (s6): ep 19
The Trix select new students and the college of Cloudtower becomes more and more powerful. Now that the Winx have the Legendarium Key, they will try to lock the magic book, nullifying the most dreadful weapon the witches have.
Winx Club (s6): ep 20
During her day spent as queen, Stella has to face the ravenous monster summoned by the witches, Gargantua, a giant who is about to devour everything, even Solaria castle.
Winx Club (s6): ep 21
The Winx are looking for a way to make Cloudtower visible and they go to Zenith in order to get from Tecna's parents the Spectrographic Locator, a device that will let the fairies understand where the witches college is hiding.
Winx Club (s6): ep 22
Alfea needs a new defence against Cloudtower, and so Musa comes up with the idea of teaching the fairies to develop the magic of music, which will protect Alfea.
Winx Club (s6): ep 23
In the Legendarium World, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha and Tecna have just found out that the dwarf Rumpelstiltskin is immune to magic.
Winx Club (s6): ep 24
The Trix propose the Alfea fairies a fight between the champions of their respective colleges in order to put an end to the battle.
Winx Club (s6): ep 25
While on Domino Daphne and Thoren's wedding celebration begins, at Cloudtower, Selina manages to free Acheron after stealing from Bloom a sparkle of the Dragon Flame.
Winx Club (s6): ep 26
While Stella, Aisha, Musa, Tecna and Flora fight against the Great Lizard Spirit that appears outside Cloudtower, which has turned into a real monster, in the Legendarium World, Bloom faces the Trix in a very fierce fight.