Winx Club (s5)

Winx Club (s5)


Winx Club (s5): ep 01
The Winx go back to Earth and are acclaimed by everyone. In the underwater world of Andros, king Neptune is about to crown his son Nereus.
Winx Club (s5): ep 02
The Winx hold a charity concert to stop the plague of pollution. In the dungeons of Andros, Tritannus, thanks to the power of his trident, absorbs pollution and turns into a monster.
Winx Club (s5): ep 03
Tritannus has become a savage monster whose powers endanger the whole Magic Dimension. In order to stop him, the Winx must acquire the Sirenix power.
Winx Club (s5): ep 04
The cell phone Tecna is using to detect the Sirenix book gets cursed by Darcy.
Winx Club (s5): ep 05
On Earth, the Winx and the Trix fight for the Lilo, a flower able to give incredible powers to those who own it. The Lilo has not bloomed yet and Macy has it, Mitzi's sister.
Winx Club (s5): ep 06
The ancient ruins of Graynor will be the setting of a competition among fairies, fighting to obtain new powers from the Ancestral Spirit of Nature.
Winx Club (s5): ep 07
Aisha meets her Keeper: Lemmy. Thanks to her help, the Winx overcome the traps of the underwater labyrinth of Andros and go on in their search for the Gem of Self-confidence. The Winx realize that each one of them will soon create a bonding with a Keeper.
Winx Club (s5): ep 08
Tritannus breaks into King Neptune's underwater palace and turns his relatives into mutants. Then, thanks to the magic of his trident, he manages to absorb the powers from the sword of his father Neptune.
Winx Club (s5): ep 09
In the Alfea college, Stella organizes a fashion show, but that's not such a big success as she hoped. While looking for new dresses ideas, she is turned into a three year-old baby by an Age-Changing object.
Winx Club (s5): ep 10
The Trix want to steal from Bloom the magic of Christmas, because they believe it is a powerful witchcraft able to increase their powers. In Alfea, the Winx get besieged by frightening screaming ice dragons.
Winx Club (s5): ep 11
Daphne is questioned by Tritannus and the Trix, who want to worm out the secret of the Sirenix power.
Winx Club (s5): ep 12
A royal ceremony is taking place in the Palace of Domino and the Winx wear their princely dresses.
Winx Club (s5): ep 13
The Winx activate the Spring of the Lightrock lake to open the Sirenix portal leading to the Infinite Ocean, but Tritannus anticipates them and, with his trident, absorbs the energy of the lake which starts drying up.
Winx Club (s5): ep 14
On Gardenia beach, the Winx organize a competition based on waste collection. Tritannus reaches the Emperor's Throne, from which he will draw on incredible powers.
Winx Club (s5): ep 15
Aisha receives from her father Teredor the sword of King Neptune, a weapon which has extraordinary powers underwater.
Winx Club (s5): ep 16
King Radius is ill due to the eclipse and Stella will do her best to re-establish the power of the Pillar of Light, so that the sun might shine again.
Winx Club (s5): ep 17
In the Alfea college, in a wonderful magic room, the Winx discover the map of the Infinite Ocean and the location of the three pillars.
Winx Club (s5): ep 18
Tritannus takes control over a horrible abyssal fish, the Devourer, and orders him to go to the Pillar of Light and defeat all the Selkies. In order to overcome the monster, the Winx will have to find his weak link.
Winx Club (s5): ep 19
During the Domino gathering, Bloom has a dispute with Sky because of Diaspro, and the couple quarrels. Tritannus extracts the seal from the Pillar of Balance, causing seaquakes on all the planets.
Winx Club (s5): ep 20
With a magic song, Musa manages to tame the Whales and the Winx restore the power of the Pillar of Balance, saving planet Melody.
Winx Club (s5): ep 21
Tecna has got her first real date with Timmy. The two of them meet at a chic restaurant to spend a romantic evening together.
Winx Club (s5): ep 22
Cryos, king of Zenith, does not want to join in the alliance with the other kingdoms in their war against Tritannus, because he sees this as an irrational choice, too dangerous for his planet.
Winx Club (s5): ep 23
After finding that the Winx have destroyed the seal in the Pillar of Control, Tritannus decides to get on Politea’s trail, to steal the Sirenix power from her and activate the Emperor’s Throne with it.
Winx Club (s5): ep 24
The Winx are on a mission on the Island World to find the Breath of the Ocean, a magic stone which will allow them to get together all the Selkies of the whole Magic Dimension and create an invincible army.
Winx Club (s5): ep 25
In an epic fight, the Winx and the invincible army of the Selkies, brought together by Nereus and Tressa, face Tritannus, Icy and the horde of mutants.
Winx Club (s5): ep 26
After activating the Emperor's Throne, Tritannus can't control himself anymore and becomes a wild beast, disrupting the waters of all the worlds.