Babar (s1)

Babar (s1)


Babar (s1): ep 01
This story begins to tell the classic tale of Babar's early life.
Babar (s1): ep 02
Forced to run away from the jungle by the Hunter, Babar makes his way to the City.
Babar (s1): ep 03
Babar leaves the Old Lady and City to return to the jungle.
Babar (s1): ep 04
As the Elephants' new King, Babar's first decree is to build a city for all the elephants.
Babar (s1): ep 05
When the Hunter threatens Babar's kingdom, Babar faces his greatest challenge as King.
Babar (s1): ep 06
Babar's advisors Cornelius and Pompadour jeopardise Babar's relationship with Celeste.
Babar (s1): ep 07
Babar's hopes of rebuilding an old theatre are jeopardised.
Babar (s1): ep 08
Babar decides to let a young circus boy live in the palace.
Babar (s1): ep 09
Lord Rataxes stops all pomegranate shipments from reaching Celesteville.
Babar (s1): ep 10
Babar organises a world class ballet to be performed in Celesteville.
Babar (s1): ep 11
Babar is to perform a duet with a great pianist at a concert.
Babar (s1): ep 12
Babar's crown goes missing.
Babar (s1): ep 13
Babar discovers a 'Phantom' in an abandoned theatre.