Franklin (s1)

Franklin (s1)


Franklin (s1): ep 01
Franklin's soccer team loses every game.
Franklin (s1): ep 02
Franklin is determined to be on time for Bear's party.
Franklin (s1): ep 03
On the first day of school Franklin is very excited.
Franklin (s1): ep 04
Franklin is hosting his very first sleep over.
Franklin (s1): ep 05
Franklin decides it's time for him to get rid of his training wheels.
Franklin (s1): ep 06
Franklin boasts that he can eat seventy-six flies.
Franklin (s1): ep 07
Franklin is shocked to hear his friends think he's bossy.
Franklin (s1): ep 08
Franklin finds a lost camera.
Franklin (s1): ep 09
When Franklin secures the lead in the Nutcracker.
Franklin (s1): ep 10
Franklin tries to earn the money to buy a scooter.
Franklin (s1): ep 11
Franklin conspires to get a present from the Tooth Fairy.
Franklin (s1): ep 12
Franklin agrees to contribute a toy to a needy child.
Franklin (s1): ep 13
Franklin wishes he could have a baby brother or sister.