Detentionaire (s1)

Detentionaire (s1)


Detentionaire (s1): ep 01
Lee Ping gets falsely accused of the biggest prank in history and gets a year of detention.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 02
Lee Ping tries out for the football team in order to spy on a possible suspect.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 03
Lee Ping has to stop the Skaters from pulling off a prank he knows he'll also get blamed for.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 04
Lee infiltrates the Mathletes when he suspects they're behind the whole prank.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 05
Lee sneaks out to a party to please Brandy and to hopefully spend time with Tina.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 06
Lee infiltrates the hottest band in school during Battle of the Bands to follow a lead.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 07
To contain a flu, Barrage quarantines the school on the day of a big movie premiere.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 08
When Lee tracks a suspect down in the school play, he ends up getting the lead role.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 09
Lee has to face the scary Grade 15ers after school when he wanders onto their turf.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 10
A group of 10th grade students including Lee get stuck in a factory on a field trip.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 11
When Lynch ends up in detention, Lee is forced to take him along on an escapade.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 12
A club forms at A. Nigma High that hate Lee so much they want to see him expelled.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 13
Lee tries to thwart a Glamazon attempt to humiliate Tina in front of everyone at the mall.
Detentionaire (s1): ep 14
The whole school has a reason to freak when Chaz reveals he has prank footage.