Detentionaire (s2)

Detentionaire (s2)


Detentionaire (s2): ep 01
Lee gathers more info to see if his closest friend could be involved in the prank.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 02
In order to stop Camillio from becoming the School President, Lee runs himself.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 03
Lee has reason to investigate a group of students who were all at his 10th birthday party.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 04
While Lee stakes out a missing Biffy, Cam settles into his job as school president.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 05
Lee gets an unexpected reprieve when Tina's sister takes the blame for the prank.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 06
Lee goes to a performance by The Amazing Finnwich, who he suspects of hypnotizing Cam.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 07
Barrage keeps everyone late to prepare for an upcoming inspection and an 'incident' occurs.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 08
Lee tries to stop evidence from being destroyed when Barrage confiscates all phones.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 09
Lee acquires the help of a group of geniuses to try to crack Radcircles' phone.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 10
As the students pitch themes for the dance, Lee tries to stop VP from being kidnapped.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 11
When Lynch finds out Rad is hiding out at Factory Island, he and Lee team up to find him.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 12
Lee finds out that the new phones are how students at his school are being brainwashed.
Detentionaire (s2): ep 13
Lee tries to stop Barrage from using A. Nigma High as a test lab for all his evil experiments.