Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1)

Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1)


Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 01
Newcomer Gingka saves Kenta from the Face Hunters but then is challenged to a one hundred to one battle….
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 02
Before Gingka's new friend Madoka can finish fixing his broken bey Pegasus, he uses it to fight Kyoya and manages to win…Kyoya is visited by a mysterious figure who offers to help him defeat Gingka.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 03
Kenta challenges Gingka to a battle; Kyoya is challenged to battle Doji and loses so as agreed, must leave with him to train…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 04
Doji presents Benkei with the powerful Beyblade, Dark Bull so he can defeat Gingka; Gingka and Benkei battle but Gingka's Pegasus prevails…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 05
When a crab-obsessed villain named Tetsuya Watarigani kidnaps Madoka, Gingka must battle him to save her.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 06
Hikaru Hasama issues a challenge to battle Gingka with Benkei's help but, Kenta poses as Gingka and fights her instead
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 07
Benkei trains Kenta to face Hikaru again; Madoka gives Kenta a bey part to help him create a new special move, which he uses to defeat Hikaru.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 08
Doji sends Kyoya to Wolf Canyon to prove his worth; Gingka thinks he is on a game show when the computer Merci is really just testing his skills.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 09
Kyoya returns from Wolf Canyon and battles Benkei, destroying the warehouse they're in; Gingka challenges Hikaru to a battle.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 10
Gingka battles Kyoya and Kyoya creates a tornado that rips through the city which inadvertently summons Gingka's friends to cheer him on.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 11
Gingka and the gang arrive at the Dark Nebula and are assaulted with a bey storm from above. They must use their special moves to fend it off..
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 12
The gang are met with traps set by Merci on their way confront Doji. When Gingka makes it, Doji asks him to join forces with him. When he refuses, a fierce battle ensues.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 13
Gingka battles his long lost nemesis Ryuga…but his anger gets in the way of winning.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 14
Through flashback, we learn about Gingka's father, Ryo, who originally had the bey Pegasus and was defeated by Ryuga and lightning L-Drago.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 15
The gang set out to find Gingka in his home town but are faced with challenges along the way, including a mysterious traveler named Hyoma.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 16
On their way to Gingka's village, the gang is tested by Hyoma who reveals he is an old friend of Gingka's.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 17
Finally arriving in the village, Gingka is not there but a wise, talking dog named Hokuto is; Gingka climbs a mountain to obtain a scroll that may have the key to his defeating Ryuga.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 18
Hyoma and Gingka show the gang their beyblading stadiums of the past; Hyoma challenges Gingka to a new battle and it's not like it's ever been before…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 19
Benkei and Kenta learn how to change parts on their beys which make their beys even stronger, especially for the Aquatic Tag Team Tournament they enter…
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 20
Gingka and his friends go to the remote Beyblade Island to participate in the intense Survival Battle competition.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 21
The Survival Battle continues and it's down to the wire with eight competitors remaining…who will win??
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 22
In the jaw-dropping finale of Survival Battle, everyone is surprised when Kyoya and Gingka are knocked out and the winner is…the new kid named Yu.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 23
As the winner of the Endurance Battle, Yu is granted his wish: to have a Battle Bladers, the biggest beyblade competition in the world.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 24
Battles heat up as the bladers earn points for entry into the Battle Bladers competition; Gingka meets a new rival, Tsubasa, who tests his strength.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 25
Kyoya comes across a calculating opponent Tobio, aka Captain Capri, whose moves appear erratic but not unstoppable by Kyoya.
Beyblade Metal Fusion (s1): ep 26
Tsubasa proves his worthiness as a blader and joins forces with Doji's Dark Nebula Organization…