Mr. Robot (s3)

Mr. Robot (s3)


Mr. Robot (s3): ep 01
Elliot turns to Angela for help when the severity of the mission dawns on him.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 02
With Elliot undoing five/nine, Mr Root is the cause of a major panic.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 03
Tyrell Wellick returns, putting Elliot's plan at risk.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 04
Darlene tries to convince Elliot that Mr Robot cannot be trusted.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 05
As E Corp descends into a state of chaos, Elliot goes on the run.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 06
As Elliot faces off with Mr Robot, Dom sets her sights on Tyrell.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 07
Mr Robot goes in search of answers as the FBI close in.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 08
Elliot goes to extreme lengths to keep Mr Robot at bay.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 09
Realising he is still a puppet, Tyrell tries to get one over on the Dark Army.
Mr. Robot (s3): ep 10
As Darlene's life hangs in the balance, Mr Robot faces a tough decision.